Here are two more interviews that Morry did recently with The Morry Method customers.

Case Study #2:

Janet is a new customer who has just started using The Morry Method recordings for one month. TMM recordings helped her to become more peaceful, more centered, and better able to stay  in the present moment.  She’s written down every experience that she had after using the recordings in her journal.   She’s going to go through her journal with you in this interview.

She is a body-talk practitioner, TMM recordings greatly enhanced the effectiveness of body-talk for her.  In this interview, Janet talks about how body-talk works,  and how she combined body-talk with TMM to create better effects.

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Case Study #3:

Brandon is a young man who has some interesting  outlooks about  life.  He has used The Morry Method recordings for one and half years. They helped him become a more relaxed person, and a more grateful person.  Listen to Brandon sharing his experiences with The Morry Method recordings.  

This interview is not only about The Morry Method, you will learn some great ideas about life from Morry and Brandon. I think you will find this interview very helpful.

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